Caritas extends extra help in Alcoy through the holidays


CARITAS has announced that it will make two deliveries of food in Alcoy in August to cover requirements of needy families in the area throughout the holiday season.

Pressure on charities providing food for poorer families in the community tends to increase throughout the school holidays as many children can no longer benefit from a school meal during the day.

The Caritas service in Alcoy reached 1,975 people last year, with around 500 families being the main current users of the commissary which is manned by more than 40 hard-working volunteers.

Help is provided on a ‘shopping list’ system choosing from more than 60 available items ranging from basic food necessities to personal items and toiletries.

Caritas volunteer Rafael Tortosa said: “The commissary continues to help families in need –without it these families would hardly survive.”


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