Ancient remains found in Andratx

© Dfr~commonswiki, Wikimedia Commons.
Castell de Son Mas.

ANDRATX Council has confirmed that archaeological remains have been found at the current location of the town hall.

On July 20, an archaeological dig began in Castell de Son Mas which has revealed post-Talaiotic structures which may be the remains of a home. 

More than 2,000 pieces, including vases, amphorae, recipients and pottery, have been found, most of which is from between the first centuries before and after Christ.


All of them need to be analysed but they confirm that there were settlements in that area in different eras. 

Around 20 youths will continue work for at least a week, led by Juan Carlos Llado and Noemi Prats Pico, in a project which aims to increase the historical knowledge of the town between the Bronze and Medieval ages. 


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