Recognition for Calahonda coast

© Flickr by Konstantin~commonswiki.

CALAHONDA has been declared a Special Conservation Zone (ZEC) by the authorities, along with the Guadiario River estuary and other areas in Cadiz, Almeria and Granada.

The Calahonda zone, the only new one in Malaga Province, covers an area of 1,404 hectares and was chosen due to its rich and varied marine and land flora and fauna.

Altogether 140 areas in Andalucia are now listed as protected in an aim to maintain and recover habitats and species under the Red Natura 2000 project. After the Canary Islands, Andalucia has the most protected coastal areas: one third of the coastline is included in the natural spaces network.

Once recognised as a ZEC, protected areas must follow Red Natura 2000 network demands regarding conservation and management.

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