Costa’s great summer leads to record month for jobs


THE best July in Malaga Province for a decade unemployment-wise was confirmed this week by figures from the Ministry of Employment’s figures for the month.

The number of jobless people registered at the SAE Andalucian Employment Service offices in Malaga and the Costa del Sol fell by 5,898 over the month, bringing the total down to 175,496.

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The drop in Malaga was the third largest in Spain beaten only by Cadiz (6,523) and Madrid (6,433) and year-on-year comparison showed there were 10,466 fewer people looking for work than at the end of July 2014.

Unemployment fell across all sectors, although as could be expected during the busy tourist season the services sector registered the highest drop (4,686).

The Social Security system also announced good job creation figures for the month, with 7,511 more workers paying in that at the end of June.

Altogether 546,053 workers were registered with and paying into the system at the end of the month, 23,718 more than at the end of July last year.


  1. More or less the same thing is said this time every year but you never hear anyone telling us about them all being laid off again at the end of the season lol


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