Costa Blanca taxi strikes called off

TAXI strike has been called off.

THE taxi industry of Valencia has decided to suspend the strikes that were to be carried out in August.

Following a meeting, the strikes have been called off to give a vote of confidence to the new Department of Transportation.

Secretary of the Association of Alicante Radio Teletaxi, Jose Francisco Ferrandiz, said the association had decided to see how the new Department works and how to respond with the planned strikes for August 15, being cancelled for now.

The industry’s main demands are to eliminate the intrusion in the sector from unregulated taxis and they demand more control; a measure which they note “is already being felt in Alicante” since the change in government after the last municipal and regional elections. 

“There is more presence of the local police in the train station and at the airport and documentation is being required from drivers,” said Ferrandiz.


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