Balearics put hold on permits for new commercial areas


THE Balearic Parliament has approved the law which will stop permits being granted for the creation of large commercial area for six months.

All parties voted in favour of the measure except the conservative Partido Popular, which abstained from voting, although they showed their support for the regional government’s attitude in this matter. The PP said that more could have been achieved by talking with the central government.

The party members complained that the decree has been carried out in a rush and that it would have been more appropriate for the islands to approve the delay before starting to write up their plans. 


The decree will prevent the suspension of the Balearic Commerce Law approved during the previous term of office. The Constitutional Court has accepted an appeal from the central government which considers that the commerce law violates state jurisdiction. 

The Councillor for Work, Commerce and Industry, Iago Negueruela, said that the delay was needed in order to protect the territory and prevent legal insecurity.

Small and medium businesses have applauded the decision not to allow more large commercial areas to be created for now in the Balearic Islands. 



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