Suspected major drugs network uncovered in Toledo and Madrid


GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested 33 individuals believed to be from a drugs network based in the provinces of Toledo and Madrid in an undercover operation, VERCO. The alleged members of the gang are being held for distributing cocaine and charged with crimes against public health through drug trafficking. 

Police have dismantled laboratories used in the processing of cocaine and have proceeded to search the homes of 10 individuals where they discovered 2.3 kilos of cocaine, 11. 6 kilos of hashish, more than 7.5 kilos of substances used to cut the drug, as well as materials believed to have been used to pack and distribute the drug, five vehicles, €38,739 in cash, a hand gun and two air rifles, mobile phones and computer material.

Operation VERCO began in September 2014 when Guardia Civil suspected that drugs were being sold from a house in Villanueva de Alcardete in Toledo.




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