Regime change for jailed Marbella mayor


FORMER Marbella mayor Julian Muñoz is to be moved to a lower security jail and given better conditions for humanitarian reasons, a Malaga judge has decided.

Muñoz, who is currently serving his sentence at Alhaurin de la Torre jail, has been reported by doctors to be in very bad health, one of the requirements for a change in regime to third grade.

The judge took into account the fact that he is suffering from a serious, incurable illness and is not dangerous or likely to commit another crime, along with the right to personal dignity, court sources reported.


The change will come into effect once prison authorities determine a suitable centre to move the former mayor to, and the judge stressed the change does not mean his sentence will be reduced or cancelled.



  1. Right, and why not as he is as much a criminal as everyone else who steals, his ill health… how many times has that been made as an excuse? So lets give hime some better conditions, maybe some parties and even day trips… why not? Seems now that criminals seem to get better treatment than everyone who don’t break the law, and if you are a connected criminal then all the better eh!

    I wonder where the more suitable place will be, his home maybe… just wait and see!


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