€130,000 in funding for Elche home care services


THE Department of Social Welfare has enabled funding of an additional €130,000 in an attempt to reduce or even eliminate the waiting list for home care which currently serves 600 people in Elche. 

A total of 75 people are on the waiting list for home care services.  It is hoped that this latest injection of funds will cover care requirements for all 75.

Councillor for Social Welfare Teresa Macia said that since January the waiting list has been steadily increasing.  In March, when new specifications were launched, the previous government team did not include the same people who expected to receive the service leaving the list incomplete and a poor indication of actual need.

To completely eliminate the waiting list an increase of about €36,000 per month is required which will be adjusted accordingly so that no one is left without proper support.

Teresa Macia added that her only concern was to prioritise citizens’ welfare regardless of numbers.


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