Quarter of Spain’s unemployed out of work for four years or more


ALMOST one in four people out of work in Spain are now long-term unemployed. While recent trends have shown encouraging drops in the country’s unemployment rate, more than 23 per cent of those still looking for work have been unemployed for four years or more, a total of 1.2 million workers.

Amongst that group, there are 180,000 people living in desperate straits in households where there is no income whatsoever.

The figures from Spain’s Active Population Survey illustrate the hold the crisis still has. When Spain’s economic bubble burst in 2008, just 7.3 per cent of people registered as unemployed had been out of work for more than a year. By 2011, six per cent were without work for more than four years. Now the exact figure of those unemployed for more than four years is 23.4 per cent.




  1. I wonder how the thousands if nut hundreds of thousands of young people that have left the country looking for work figure in these numbers!

    As I have said many times on different discussions regarding Spain’s unemployment, this problem will never be sorted out until the labour regulations and costs are brought into reality and so Spain economic problems will continue ever longer until the political clowns actually decide to change the whole employment system here.

    The most important thing is have people working, bringing in money and not making sure you make it as expensive as you can for businesses to employ people. You cannot expect a business to pay someone 14 months for 10.5 months work (can be compounded to 12 but still same cost), cover them for 22 to 33 days a year for every year they work when they are made unemployed then pay a gestor every month to do the paperwork because it is complicated for most people. After covering the costs for all the above the government thinks that businesses will employ people! Well many do but imagine the difference if workers got 11.5 months pay for 12.5 months (Paid for each month they work, their 1 holiday months pay and 14 bank holidays), reduced the ridiculous charges such as, work clothing, driving insurance cover if driving (yes monthly government charge on top of ordinary insurance), lower the social security and pension charges, make it simple for someone to put someone in alta and baja then finally do away with the daft government employment contracts… then many hundreds of thousands if not millions more wold be working… would that not be much better than the ancient out of date system from the 50’s that currently exists? With many more people working the economy would start to turn. No government has done anything worth a dam in bringing in a modern employment system in Spain and it will never happen with Rajoy and his cronies at the helm who seem to have their brains stuck in some sort of post Franco mode, Rajoy is not a modern thinking politician and that is what Spain needs, although Zapatero was a disaster Rajoy has actually taken Spain backwards in my mind, he just hasn’t got the mindset to run this country in todays age.


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