Five injured as tree branch takes roof off London bus


FIVE people have been hurt after the roof was ripped from a double-decker tourist bus in London in a collision with a tree.

The bus, run by Golden Tours, was travelling along Woburn Place in picturesque Bloomsbury. The bus was open-topped at the rear, and the roof covering the first half of the bus was completely removed by the limb of a tree, falling down onto the street, luckily not hitting any pedestrians. 

According to a Fire Brigade spokesperson, the five injured on the bus were taken to hospital, while other uninjured but somewhat shocked passengers were looked after by police and ambulance staff.

A manager from Golden Tours said the accident was being investigated.


  1. another one!!!!!!
    how many more before britain does something about the handing out of licences/bus licences to people who are not capable of driving a bus


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