Luxury sales steady in Spain

Flickr, Jose Carlos Soto

SHOPPERS in Spain continue to splash out on goods in the luxury market.
The highest percentage of luxury goods are sold in Barcelona (32 per cent), followed by Marbella (27 per cent), Madrid (18 per cent), Ibiza (eight per cent) and Mallorca (five per cent), while the remaining five per cent of purchases are made in the rest of Spain.
Within the EU, Spain holds the fifth position for luxury sales, after France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. While many sectors have seen production and sales fall, the luxury market in Spain is seeing better results, including exports, according to the Spanish Luxury Association.
International buyers are attracted by Spanish products and an increasing number of people visit Spain to purchase them. Exports are mainly to the USA, Japan, India, Qatar, Mexico and Colombia; and within Europe, to Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Italy.
The main sectors are gourmet and beauty products, with 55 per cent of sales, followed by tourism and services. However, fashion, jewellery and leather goods are also seeing sales increase.



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