Dog owners should be aware of problem leads


OVER the past years I have given out warnings on my radio show that flexi type extendable leads are dangerous.
I appeal to dog owners to be very wary of using extending leads on walks. Sally Flanagan from Bracknell, Berkshire, wants other pet owners to be vigilant to prevent them going through the ordeal she suffered in June.
Sally’s Jack Russell Terrier Pippin was killed when the lock on her extending lead broke suddenly. “My grandson was walking my dog; they came to a main road and he put the lock on the lead,” said Sally. “But the lock broke and Pippin ran straight into the road and was killed by a car.
She was 10 years old. I want people to think twice about using these leads.” I hope by raising awareness of this issue people will think twice about using extending leads next to roads as it only takes a fraction of a second for their dog to run out onto the road and be hit either by a car or a cyclist.


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