Elderly woman arrested after allegedly killing her husband


GUARDIA Civil in Rincon de la Victoria have arrested an 83-year-old woman accused of killing her husband.
The events took place on July 21. The woman had alerted the emergency services alleging her 83-year-old husband had fallen from the couch, sustaining severe injuries to his head. Guardia Civil attended the scene after being contacted by the health care staff, who took the man to the Carlos Haya hospital where he died the day after.
The officers and medical staff were suspicious of the woman’s version due to the severity of injuries and an investigation was launched.
The main evidence was found on one of the woman’s crutches, where police detected traces of blood, even though it had been recently washed. Injuries were also analysed and it was confirmed the shape and depth corresponded to the characteristics of the blunt object.
The victim’s wife was the only person present in the crime scene. She was taken into custody yesterday (July 29) and remanded to prison.

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