Palma de Mallorca will see no more bullfights

AnimaNaturalis association campaigning against bullfighting

PALMA DE MALLORCA has officially been declared an anti-bullfighting city.
The motion has been approved on Thursday (July 30) at the City Council following the campaign Mallorca Sense Sang (Without Blood), supported by animal rights associations and thousands of citizens.
The proposal has been approved with the votes of the PSOE socialist party, Som Palma and MES, while conservatives Partido Popular and Ciudadanos have voted against it.
“This is a historical moment,” said a representative from Som Palma.
This motion has been approved after more than 130,000 signed the petition in favour launched by AnimaNaturalis and CAS International. The associations will now aim to declare the whole island an anti-bullfighting region with the help of the regional government.
Twenty municipalities of Mallorca have already been declared free from bullfights within their territory.


  1. Common sense will prevail. And at long last the word of the people is being heard.Maybe other animal atrocities will become a thing of the past too , starting with foxhunting. What sort of people enjoy watching animals suffer like this? There must be something very wrong with them.


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