No help for fire victims


It has been two years since the worst forest fire seen in the Balearic Islands, and owners of properties damaged by the blaze are still waiting for financial help.
The fire destroyed more than 2,400 hectares of mountain areas within the Sierra de Tramuntana Natural Location, affecting the towns of Estellencs, Calvia and mainly Andratx. The area was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
More than 90 per cent of the area destroyed by the fire belonged to around 700 private properties in Andratx.
Assistance amounting to €100,000 was promised by the town hall and included in this year’s budget, but so far, nothing has materialised, not even the conditions for accessing the aid. Local Councillor Estefania Gonzalvo has promised that a meeting will be held with property owners in September.
The regional Environmental Department met with them a month after the fire and announced plans to reforest and restore the area, but locals say that so far nothing has been done on private property. However, the town hall and local volunteers helped to plant trees in an area which is now municipal property.



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