New economy geared towards Fractional Ownership

HASSLE-FREE: No need to worry about year-round costs.

Since 1983, all major hotels (including Hilton, the Ritz Carlton, Marriott and Four Seasons) have entered the fractional market all over the world. By the mid-2000s, hundreds of fractional properties were well established, and the industry is still growing today.
Now, let’s explain how it works and how actually you can enjoy a luxury such as a yacht, vacation property or jet for a fraction of the cost. After all, why spend 100 per cent of your money on an asset that you only use a fraction of your time? The question many people are asking themselves nowadays is how can I pay for an asset that I can enjoy, that is owned by me, yet avoid the high cost and the associated fees?
Fractional Ownership is the answer!   
Fractional Ownership is a common investment structure for expensive assets such as aircraft, sports cars, vacation properties and yachts, of course. This is the most cost effective, reasonable and the most convenient investment strategy in the past 25 years.
If the asset increases in value, so does the value of the shares in the investment. And yes, this asset is transferable or can be sold; something that cannot be done with timeshare!

➢    No need to worry about year-round costs
➢    Asset can be sold or transferred
➢    Full rights to the asset under your name
➢    Management companies look after your asset
➢    All maintenance work is the responsibility of the management company
➢    Relax instead of spending weekends working on the vacation home each year.

Since 2006, Saveene Group has offered a unique and inexpensive way to own your own luxury yacht, or a luxury villa. Fractional Ownership provided a ‘win-win’ relationship for both participants in the contract.
Under the Saveene programme, Fractional Ownership is perfect for yacht owners who want the yachting experience with no hassles and no waste of their hard earned capital. Saveene’s management will gladly introduce you to all options that are available.

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