Chill-out lounge ordered to close

Andrew Fecheyr on Flickr
View of Sant Carles area

PALMA City Hall has ordered the immediate closure of the chill-out lounge at Sant Carles fortress.
The establishment was given two days to close as it had no licence to open or carry out work.
It was located in the fortress which was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.
The councillor for City Planning said that the work to prepare it for opening was carried out illegally and that although it had a licence from the Port Authorities, as it was not used for maritime activities, it also needs authorisation from the city hall.
The permit to carry out the work was reportedly requested when it was almost finished and the work does not match the original project which was approved.
The project only allowed for tables and chairs to be located in the existing building to use as a bar. However, a swimming pool was built and the level was raised so that the terrace had sea views.


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