Red Cross treat Mediterranean migrants who arrived in Torrevieja

Diego Lopez Roman, Flick
IMMIGRANTS: Arriving along the coast on small patera boats

WHEN a boat with 11 people on board arrived at Cala Ferris, Torrevieja, the passengers were taken to the Guardia Civil barracks to be cared for by the Red Cross.
It was the humanitarian organisation that noticed the presence of the boat in the early hours of the morning arriving on shore. The Red Cross said all migrants came from Algeria and Morocco, with three being minors, but all were in good health.
The Guardia Civil sent a boat to pick up the occupants and they are now in the hands of the National Police.
The Torrevieja immigrants arrived just days before another vessel was spotted in Santa Pola in the area of rocky beach known as La Cadena with at least eight Algerians on board. Four of them were taken onto custody after police found them escaping from the boat heading up the rocks. They believe another four were onboard and are still searching for them.
The Red Cross checked the passengers over, finding them all to be suffering from dehydration and one had a concussion. The Red Cross has assisted by providing them clothing and footwear, food and drink as well as hygiene kits before making them available to the National Police.



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