Hunter dentist who ‘regrets’ killing Cecil the lion forced to close practice


THE man named as the hunter who killed Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, has become prey, forced to close his dental practice and shut down his website, Facebook and Twitter accounts as the internet sought revenge.
A protest outside his Minneapolis dental practice was pointed but light-hearted, as demonstrators restaged the killing of the emblematic lion using toy animals and water pistols.
The internet is a different place, however, as tweets variously labelled Palmer “a poor excuse for a human being” and “Satan.”
Authorities in Zimbabwe have said they wish to speak to Palmer as part of the investigation into the killing of Cecil.
Two men, professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst, and Honest Ndlovu, a local landowner, have appeared in court in Victoria Falls on Wednesday (July 29) in connection with the case.
In a statement to press, Palmer, whose exact whereabouts is currently unknown, said he “deeply regrets” killing the lion and “had no idea that the lion I took was a local favourite and collared and part of a study, until the end of the hunt.”


  1. best thing that could happen
    sorry but I never see the ‘sport’ in killing things if cecil
    had been a proved man eater/dangerous then different.


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