Huebro wants statue to stay put


HUEBRO, one of Nijar’s rural communities, is digging its heels in.
The 12 or so residents are refusing to allow the church’s statue of Our Lady of the Rosary to be taken to Nijar and brought back in a “romeria” procession during the fiestas.
The villagers have organised a petition which already has 400 signatures. Tradition demands that the Virgen del Rosario statue remains in Huebro, they maintain. That is how their forebears did it and that is what they will do, too, Huebro’s remaining inhabitants insist.
They are particularly protective of the statue because the original was burnt during the Civil War and the local families had to work hard collecting wood to pay for a new one.
“Our Virgen del Rosario won’t leave the village for one minute,” they vowed.


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