Footballer’s inappropriate t-shirt causes outrage


NUNO SILVA, a Portuguese footballer recently transferred to the second division Spanish team Real Jaen, has caused a chorus of complaints after appearing at his presentation event with a t-shirt displaying Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
Pictures of the footballer have spread across all social media platforms, which have been flooded with comments denouncing how inappropriate the player’s clothing was as well as criticism towards communication professionals and the managing board of the Real Jaen team for not preventing Mr Silva from appearing before media dressed this way.
The polemic has forced Nuno Silva to explain himself, saying: “I have lived in Portugal and Angola and I do not have knowledge on Spanish history. I bought this t-shirt in Portugal a long time ago and I was unaware of the meaning and consequences that wearing it would have in Spain.”
“I would like to apologise to everyone who has felt offended or hurt by my actions. In no way was I trying to support the ideology that Franco represented. I have no political ideology whatsoever,” he continued.



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