Beat skin cancer and reverse signs of aging

SKIN CARE: Be aware of changes to moles or patches of skin.

YOU may love the sun, but your skin doesn’t and no matter how careful you are today, if you have ever spent too much time in the sun without good protection the damage has almost certainly been done.
Skin cancer is obviously the most serious form of sun damage and early diagnosis is crucial in successfully treating the disease.
Be aware of changes to moles or patches of skin, and always get them checked. Never think it is trivial; it is better for the doctor to tell you nothing is wrong than to ignore a life-threatening condition.
One person who can vouch for this is Costa Blanca resident, Michael Chase, who had a small mole on his back that became itchy and bled: “Luckily I had just seen an article about free skin cancer checks at Medcare, so made an appointment with Medcare’s Dr Hussain,” he said: “She took one look and said, ‘that has to come out.’ It turned out to be basal cell cancer.”
Michael and his wife, Jackie, know better than most how lucky they were to get an early diagnosis as Jackie’s first husband died of skin cancer when he was only 46.  “He ignored it, not realising how serious it was,” explains Michael: “By the time it was diagnosed the cancer had spread and it was too late.”
Although Michael has been sensible in the sun for many years, he admits that in his late teens he came to Spain on holidays and spent hours lying in the sun burning and tanning: “Dr Hussain told me the damage that later became skin cancer was almost certainly done then.”
Lines, sun spots and premature aging are also linked to early and continued sun exposure. The damage from younger years will manifest as aged skin later in life.
In the past, you had no choice but to live with the damage but today there are many aesthetic procedures and products that can reverse it.
Peels, laser resurfacing, micro-needling and advanced medical skincare products improve skin texture, minimise lines and wrinkles and reduce pigmentation.
Medcare aesthetics offers a range of treatments and dermatologist-developed products that significantly improve sun damaged skin.  
“We are getting fantastic results with our treatments and products,” says Dr Hussain: “In many cases we are able to reverse much of the sun damage and restore younger, healthier-looking skin.”
Medcare offers free skin rejuvenation consultations to assess damage and discuss solutions.
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