Virgin of Loreto of Javea rejuvenated after 70 years


A POLYCHROME cypress wood carving created back in the 1940s has been brought back to its original splendour. It was crafted by local Javea sculptor and artist Juan Batista Devesa and has now been restored by Vincent Catala.
Great care was taken to use the exact colours and materials used by the original artist. The statue was at risk of woodworm, which infests the pine fittings of the church, although luckily is made of cypress which is more resistant. However, surface dust and grease had caused considerable damage, leaving cracks and fissures in the surface.
The Madonna’s face was badly pitted and oxidised and the child’s head was inclined at an unnatural angle and with a missing finger which had to be remade.
Catala tackled the restoration with extreme patience and attention to detail and the statue is now looking resplendent, ready for festivals planned for August and September, and may be seen in the old church of the Virgin of Loreto in Javea. Catala said: “I am proud to restore precious heritage for future generations to see these works of art.”


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