No more drinking on Fuengirola’s ‘botellon’ square

Flickr by Jose María Moreno García

FUENGIROLA Council changed its mind nine years after allowing open-air drinking sessions in one town square, and has now banned public boozing across the town.
So-called ‘botellon’ parties were authorised on Plaza Theresa Zabell in 2006, yet constant complaints from residents ever since who are unable to sleep at night have finally been listened to and the authorisation has been cancelled.
The decision also aimed to improve safety and traffic in the area, which in the past gathered crowds of more than 1,000 people, the council explained.


  1. I know the noise can be an issue for residents in the apartments above the square but where do these youngsters go now? Town halls need to come up with answers to go forward on this ‘and other things’ than just ban them from happening, one of the problems with those in power is to just look for what they think is a simple easy solution when in fact banning this just makes the issue more complicated!


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