Kent train derailed when it hit cows on the line

Flickr, William Murphy

A TRAIN was derailed in Kent when it hit a herd of cows that had strayed onto the line. Sixty-five passengers, some of them shaken but none of them injured, were evacuated from the train and taken to the nearby village of Godmersham.
An hour before the accident, on Sunday night (July 26) Network Rail said it had received a warning of a cow on the line, but nothing was found when a train was sent along the line at slow speed to investigate the report and normal service was resumed.
It has also been revealed that the driver of the derailed Southeastern train had to leave his cab to flag down another approaching train, thus preventing what could have been a far worse accident, because his radio had stopped working.
British Transport Police and rail accident investigators are looking into the incident.
It’s believed five cows were killed in the crash.


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