Hot business for ice factories

Liz West

DEMAND for ice cubes has shot up this summer.
The amounts that the public are getting through are astronomical when compared with figures for the last 10 years, said Jose Calvache, manager of a Huercal de Almeria ice production company.
His company hasn’t had such a good summer since 2003, Calvache added.
There are eight ice factories in Almeria Province and they have been working – forgive the expression – full steam ahead since June. Output started to rise in May because the hot weather arrived early this year, Calvache revealed.
June was very good, he said and July has been extraordinary.
More than 80 tonnes of ice leaves the Huercal de Almeria factory each day for delivery throughout Almeria, other coastal provinces and even Baleares. The company installed new-generation machinery two years ago, but this summer the factory is working to full capacity morning, noon and night. “We’re overwhelmed by the brutal increase in demand for ice,” Calvache said.


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