At least 21 injured in Spanish bus accident in France

French Government

A BUS from Spain carrying at least 60 students from Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria has been involved in a serious road accident in Lille, France.

Local media reports that there are at least three people who have sustained severe injuries and 18 with minor injuries.

The incident took place late on Saturday July 25, and victims have been taken to a nearby hospital according to the French Authorities.


The bus, which was taking passengers to Amsterdam, is believed to have been trapped inside a tunnel after attempting to go throw a bridge which was too low. The upper part of the vehicle was completely destroyed in the accident, according to local media.

The rest of passengers have been taken to a sports centre in La Madeleine to await their return to Spain, where they will receive further treatment and counselling.

“Some of them are uninjured and have been able to contact their families,” said the Spanish embassy in France.

The bus’ driver has been taken into custody, although it has been already confirmed that he was not under the influence of alcohol, according to France 3



  1. how can a ‘bus driver’ not know the bridge was too low
    for his vehicle- do they not have the same tests as hgv1 drivers?
    my son knew whether he could get through or not with his vehicle and if there was a ‘could I or could I not’? he would get out and check
    From photo’s seen it was blatantly obvious he should be banned from driving.Kay


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