Good news for El Campello dog owners


THE new government team of El Campello has rejected requests to close the local beach allocated for dog owners to exercise their pets.
The city council considers that the beach is in good condition and should not require cleaning. Furthermore, a proposal to open a second dog beach in the northern part of the community is under consideration following the success and popularity of the first venture.
The councillor responsible for beaches, Cintia Alaves of the Compromís party confirmed that there was no intention to make any changes in the administration of Punta del Riu Sec, or to move the dog beach or to close it as requested by some residents.
It has been reported that the quality of the water had in fact improved over the last year from a ‘good’ rating to ‘optimal,’ according to the Institut d’Ecologia Litoral, the entity charged with monitoring the quality of coastal waters.
The decision is good news for dog lovers but not so popular with a faction of local residents who insist that the beach emits a smell of dog faeces.


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