Spain is top search for Brits seeking sun


SPAIN dominates the top ten searches by British holidaymakers using comparison site TravelSupermarket. In the number one spot is Mallorca, but the blissful Balearic Island is also joined by Tenerife in second place, and Ibiza, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Benidorm elsewhere in the top ten.
In total, one third of the site’s searches were for Spanish destinations, while Mallorca accounted for almost five per cent.
The statistics have been measured from January 1 to June 10 2015, from the 3.5 million searches registered on the site.
The majority of short haul destinations looked for were beach resorts (68 per cent), but Spain also scores in the top five city breaks, with Barcelona in third place, behind Disneyland Paris and Amsterdam, but ahead of Las Vegas and New York.


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