Marbella to celebrate the city’s 11th Aquathlon


THE city of Marbella will celebrate the 11th Aquathlon on Sunday July 26 starting at the Paseo Maritimo at 10.30am. The event, which is expected to host more than 200 participants in the adult contest, is also expected to attract 150 youngsters in the youth competition.
An aquathlon, similar to a triathlon, is a competition with a swimming component and a running event with one continuing immediately after the other. In Marbella, the race will include a run of 2,500 metres in the pedestrian zone of the Paseo Maritimo and will then continue with a 1,000 metre swim before finishing with a final run over 2,500 metres of the same circuit.
The competition is open to all sports enthusiasts, professional or amateur. The contest is divided into categories according to age: Cadet (15-16 years), Junior (17-19 years), Sub (20-23 years), Elite (24-39 years), Veteran 1 (40-49 years), Veteran 2 (50-59 years) and Veteran 3 (60 years and above).
However, all members of the family can join in since there is also a contest for children below 15 years old. The children’s aquathlon will take place at 12 midday and will cover a total distance of between 175 metres for the youngest Prebenjamin category up to a distance of 2,400 metres for the general children’s category.
Those wishing to register can do so on the website of the Andalucian Triathlon Federation. Prizes will be awarded to the first three winners in each category.


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