La Herradura in black and white


AN outstanding collection of antique pictures taken in La Herradura has now been put together in book format for everyone to enjoy.
Under the title “La Herradura in black and white”, the book was presented at the Centro Civico, and features more than 200 pages of pictures distributed in categories such as landscapes, the village, its sea, its countryside, its traditional festivities and a great selection of pictures depicting the most important part of the town: its people.
A large number of people have collaborated to make this book a reality, including the first professional photographer in the town, Joaquin Barbero Antequera, and a well-known schoolteacher, Eduardo Palomares.
More than 500 copies of this book have been edited and put on sale, with all proceeds going to two associations that protect children’s rights – Save The Children and Fundacion Inocente, Inocente – according to deputy mayor of La Herradura, Juan Jose Ruiz Joya.
“Our main goal was to show the origin and development of La Herradura up to our days, and commemorate the figure of a Herradura-born hero, Jaima Garciolo Santos (1877), who participated in the Cavite war,” said one of the authors.
This book can be purchased at La Herradura’s Coral bookshop for a price of €10.


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