In the swim a century ago at Adra exhibition

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BEACHWEAR 1875: The faces speak volumes

EVER wondered what it must have been like to go swimming in the 19th century?
The answers are all there in Adra, at an exhibition of more than 60 photographs entitled ‘Los Baños de Mar en Almeria.’
The exhibition at the Centro Cultural was opened by Adra’s mayor Manuel Cortes, accompanied by Elisa Fernandez and Jesus Rivera, respective councillors for Culture and Employment.
The photographs, postcards and pictures from illustrated papers of the time have been loaned by the Terque Ethnological museum and give a pictorial account of sea bathing between 1875 and 1970.
“This exhibition is another expression of the council’s wish to give all possible backing to culture and to pay tribute to the history of our town and province,” Cortes said.
The exhibition continues until the end of August.


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