Almeria provides summer of respite for Saharawi refugee children

REFUGEES: Children playing in an Algerian camp.

EIGHTY children from the Western Sahara refugee camps have arrived in Almeria for the summer.
Their visit was arranged by the Almeria branch of the Friends of the Sahara association. Families volunteering for the ‘Holidays in Peace’ programme ensure that the Sarahawi children can at least enjoy a peaceful summer away from the camps where they live in Tindouf (Algeria).
Here, and in other Spanish provinces participating in the scheme, they will have medical check-ups, good food, excursions and lead a normal family life.
The Almeria families have now been introduced to the children who will be their summer guests for the next eight weeks. Chantal Faust travelled from Luxembourg and rented a house in Turre so that she can look after two children this summer. The death of her daughter some time ago has prompted her to help children in difficult situations, she explained.
In Padules (population 484) several families got together and decided to volunteer as temporary foster homes.
“It’s the first time we’ve taken part,” explained Lourdes to the local Spanish media. “I wanted to do this so that my daughters can benefit from the experience and learn just what life is like in other places.”



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