Almeria lags on internet connections but leads on social networks


ALMERIA has just 17.6 internet connections for every 100 inhabitants.
In Andalucia, the province trails Granada’s 21.3 connections per 100 residents and nationally lags far behind Alava’s 27.7 connections in the Basque region.
What the province lacks in connections, it makes up for in social networking because Almeria City has a 189,000 population and 174,000 Facebook accounts.
Although more than 30,000 are linked to businesses or institutions, this still means that 76 per cent of city-dwellers are on Facebook, compared with the 70 per cent average in Spanish cities.
Almeria Province also has more Twitter users, with 38,324 accounts – 20 per cent of the population – and proportionately more than Madrid or Barcelona.


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