Third heatwave hits Spain

Comunidad de Madrid on Flickr
Madrid Health councillor, Jesús Sánchez Martos, during the presentation of the plan to tackle the heatwave.

A THIRD heatwave has hit Spain (Monday July 20) just as the second one was fading out. At least 18 Spanish provinces have been put on alert and the abnormally hot temperatures are expected to last from Monday through Thursday.
Spain’s weather agency, AEMET, has put 18 provinces on alert for high temperatures, 16 of those on yellow alert, including the provinces of Cadiz, Sevilla, Madrid and Mallorca. Two of those provinces, Jaen and Cordoba are on orange alert, warning of extremely high temperatures in these areas.
In fact, only some northern provinces, such as Galicia and part of Asturias will avoid the sweltering temperatures as well as the northern part of the Canaries, which may even see some light rain.
Spain’s second heatwave (July 5 – July 14) saw temperatures rise into the 40s with one town in Valencia, Xativa, reaching a blistering 45.9 degrees centigrade on July 8. The soaring temperatures also sparked fires with 10 major wildfires ravaging the countryside.

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