SYSBALEAR gives 15% discount with Euro Weekly Advert

SYSBALEAR: A valuable asset for people who run a hectic business.

SERGI GARCIA of SYSBALEAR is a valuable asset to those people who run a hectic business that relies on a fast and efficient hardware and software systems.
He is accustomed to supplying the correct networks and server systems that are tailor made to cope with the demands of today’s business communications.
Right from the start, Sergi will make sure the installation and connection are put in place to deal with the configuration and networks that you will require for your day to day IT functions.
Services include; Installation, Administration and Management of Hardware and Software, Server rooms planning, Sales, Installation and configuration, Connectivity Solutions Provider, Planning, Assessment, Configuration, Installation and Management on all Systems and Networks, High level consulting, Server and Network Security, Data Management: Company-wide Backups, Management of Internet resources and Firewalls, and Administration of Virtual Private Networks, Optimisation of IT resources without compromising performance or reliability, Software and Hardware Monitoring, and Inventory Management, VMWARE: Servers and Systems Virtualization, UPS Management- Hosting. We have our own servers located in Madrid in a high performance server room. Sergi boasts two degrees that are certified by Microsoft and Zentyal.
With 17 years experience behind him in total, Sergi has worked in the USA for 12 years and he has also managed 500+ computer networks in Barcelona. Sergi’s high quality IT solutions are set at executive standards and he prides the best skills in his field.
His expertise includes Windows, UNIX and Mac systems. He is available to visit anywhere in Mallorca and his office hours are between 9.00am and 7.00pm, but there is a 24-hour emergency service at an hourly rate. SYSBALEAR are offering a 15 per cent discount if you present the Euro Weekly Advert.

You can call SYSBALEAR 657 762 901 or email [email protected] or visit



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