Javea makes progress in bid to build swimming pool


JAVEA Municipal Council has updated its proposal for a covered swimming pool after a change in government in Valencia resurrected hope of its completion.
The original proposal, which was drawn up in 2005, has been dormant ever since. The agreement, which saw Javea fulfil its obligations of building a ‘trinquet’ – the court for the traditional handball sport of ‘pilota’ – in exchange for funding for the swimming pool, has taken priority since the new council for Javea was sworn in.
The trinquet has been operational since 2010 and Mayor Jose Chulvi stated that with the change in power in Valencia he felt that there was a good possibility that the funds to build to pool will be approved.
Originally the pool was costed at €5 million but Chulvi said that they would look at the tenders again and try to cut costs wherever possible.


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