Get help to tackle summer home renovations


SUMMER has been traditionally the preferred season to carry out renovation work at home. Setting up a budget is one of the first steps to follow before taking on any such project.
There are several grants issued by public institutions that can help alleviate the cost of a renovation project. The Spanish Development Ministry issues two kinds of funding: the first is called Programa de Fomento de la Rehabilitacion Edificatoria (Promoting Building Rehabilitation) and can be requested by owners of homes built before 1981 and covers works which are aimed at improving the state of conservation, guaranteeing accessibility or improving energy efficiency.
Depending on the kind of renovation work we wish to perform, the amount of money varies: up to €4,000 for home conservation, €2,000 to reduce energy consumption and up to €4,000 to make a home more accessible, especially in the case where there is a resident with disabilities.
The second aid is called Programa de Fomento para la regeneracion y renovacion urbana (Promoting regeneration and urban renovation).
This programme helps recipients to carry out improvement work on public spaces (up to €11,000) or construct in areas after a building has been demolished (up to €30,000).
Autonomous communities have independent programmes, mainly aimed at adapting a home for a person with reduced mobility. Work includes adapting a toilet, room or adapting stairs for their use.


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