Heat wave takes its toll on Axarquia vineyards

Flickr by Antonio

THE extreme temperatures registered during the past weeks are not only dangerous for humans and animals but also for the province’s local produce, especially those grown on dry land such as Malaga’s vineyards.
According to the Small-Agriculture and Cattle breeders Union (UPA Malaga), barely two weeks before the beginning of the wine harvesting season, the heat has caused damage to up to 50 per cent of the total surface of the Axarquia vineyards.
“The heat has caused the dehydration of grapes which will end up rotting,” said head of the UPA Jose Gamez, who explained that when this process happens, the grape loses all its commercial value.
The UPA has requested that the Junta de Andalucia take urgent measures to cancel the local regulation which forces harvesters to leave at least 10 per cent of their plots for the feeding of birds and other animals, so that they can also harvest these reserved areas.


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