Valencian mayor establishes official siesta time


THE town of Ador in Valencia has officially called for a daily siesta time due to the hot temperatures that farm workers regularly endure.
Mayor of the town, Joan Faus Vitoria, has stated that the siesta, between the hours of 2pm to 5pm, should be respected since many farm labourers need to take a break during the hottest hours of the day.
In order to support the new timetable, he is asking locals to make sure their children do not disturb those napping by insisting that they keep them indoors, and has asked adults, residents and tourists alike, to be aware of the siesta and not make unnecessary noise. For example, workers whose job entails a lot of noise, are being told to keep things quiet.
However, there will not be any punishment for those flouting the rules as the mayor says, it is meant to be a suggestion rather than an “obligation.”


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