Drones to the rescue on the Costa del Sol


A PROJECT launched by phone-company Vodafone will bring a team of drones and lifeguard pilots to help with rescue operations across the Costa del Sol.
This initiative, which is being tested in other four beaches of Spain including Cabopino, Ribadesella Isla, Cartagena and Benalmadena, will run until September 15.
The company explained in a statement that, if a case of possible drowning is registered, the drone and lifeguard head together to the area. Upon its arrival, the drone will drop a life vest to the victim, giving more time to launch rescue operations. According to Vodafone, a lifeguard takes three times as much time to reach a bather in danger than a drone.
This significant reduction in time makes a positive difference to the rescue procedure, explained Vodafone.
Spain registers an average of 400 of deaths by drowning every year.


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