Alicante’s councillors to get 10% pay cut

PresidenciaGVA on Flickr

SALARIES paid by the new Municipal Corporation of Alicante have been cut by 10 per cent compared to the town councillors in the last legislature.
The pay cut was approved at the first plenary session after the elections of May 24 which commenced with a minute’s silence for the victims of gender violence.
The meeting was chaired by the new Mayor, Gabriel Echavarri of the PSOE and means the reduction in wages will affect both the government and opposition. The cuts are due to “the difficult economic situation that exists today” said spokesperson Natxo Bellido who said the pay systems have also been simplified from six categories to three.
Mayor Gabriel Echavarri, will receive €64,704 gross per year, around €700 less than previous Mayor Sonia Castedo. Councillors who belong to the team of government and opposition spokesmen will receive €50,624, with €47,249 for the remaining full-time councillors.


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