Security stepped up for summer season


THREE HUNDRED National Police officers are ensuring that Almeria’s low crime rate stays that way this summer. Only Malaga Province’s tourist occupancy will be higher than Almeria’s and the central government’s sub-delegate to Almeria recently detailed this year’s security plans.
They are focusing on public safety in tourist areas, shopping zones, leisure centres and the province’s principal transport connections, Andres Garcia Lorca (pictured centre) announced. Reinforcements have arrived from outside the province including officers from specialist units, said Garcia Lorca as he outlined the administration’s summer measures.
They include two subgroups belonging to the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) from Malaga and Granada which specialise in immigration and border control.
These officers will be posted at Almeria’s port and airport where traffic inevitably increases in the summer.
“Our goal is to augment public safety in the province’s tourist areas and provide a safe environment for visitors while they are in Almeria,” Garcia Lorca said.
The Guardia Civil has also received summer reinforcements with 60 officers seconded to Almeria from outside the province. They will be present on the coast, the roads, the airport, seaport, hotels and campsites and at major events during the summer.


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