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FOX HUNTING: The act against one of Britain’s cruel sports is to be repealed.

AS we set out for the Denia Bull Run I put my wife’s mind at rest. Like me, she abhors animal cruelty.  I had learned that these animals come to no harm and afterwards are returned to their pastures. I can write only as an observer and reflect.
We can’t have it both ways.  Young people are mocked for being hooked on an inactive lifestyle. The youngsters who filled Denia’s arena and stands were as full of spirits as you could wish them to be.
Whether we approve of their activities or not, one can respect their courage.  The teased bulls came to no harm. The same cannot be said for the youngsters. Young men were outpaced, tossed into the air and injured; a young girl hurt so badly she was stretchered to hospital.
These ‘sports’ raise the ire of many Britons. I posted on British social media.  Some respondents want the young people taking part being ripped apart.  The Irish Press, because the bravest of these young men teasing the animals, was waving the Irish tricolour, loved the story.
Personally, I think the Spanish would be far more justified in campaigning against Britain’s cruel sports. It appears the Act against fox hunting is to be repealed. Badger baiting and culling is commonplace, as is hare coursing. Game shooting is a money-earner; birds are raised to be peppered with shot by toffs.
The Aintree Grand National Steeplechase is notorious for the appalling deaths of beautiful horses. Add to this the scores of other horse racing ‘sports.’ Vivisection is still legal.  Few Britons have the courage to step inside an abattoir, especially where Halal slaughter is endorsed. Sturdy Yorkshire farmers were appalled at the gratuitous cruelties inflicted on animals at Busby Stoop, Thursk.
My slogan is live and let live; it seems the slogan for many is live and let die.


  1. [quote]Mike once again tells us the obvious truth.[/quote]

    Yes about UK but once again he fails to take a Baalanced view. Spannish hunters kill off hundreds of dogs every year as they are no longer required.
    Spaniish people turn their dogs out on the street when they get old ord when those people go on holiday.

    As a dog and horse lover I find the Spannish attitude to animals apalling compared with that ofpeopl in UKownwer

    Horses and donkeys are treat much worse here than in UK and I s coud go on and on.

    Yes I agree with mike on this one but again it is a very biased anti British view.

  2. I would be amazed if the people who object to bull running were not equally appalled by any other example of animal cruelty no matter where in the world it occurs. These bulls are terrified, especially those who have fire on their horns. The fact that they are returned to their pastures afterwards does not excuse the enjoyment many people take from watching this spectacle.


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