Mother of baby found in Madrid bin arrested


THE mother of the newborn baby who was rescued by the Guardia Civil from a city bin in Mejorada del Campo (Madrid) has been arrested.
According to the investigators, the mother originally denied ever having thrown the baby into a bin but then confessed to the crime.
Madrid Central Government Delegate, Concepcion Dancausa said during a press conference that the woman is a 37-year-old Colombian and is mother to three other children who have now been left in the care of their father. He has not been arrested as police confirmed he had nothing to do with the case.
Ms Dancausa explained that the mother was found thanks to several items found inside a closed backpack, where the baby had been left. One of the feeding bottle’s brands was analysed and authorities discovered it is only used at the Henares Hospital so they headed directly there, where they were given information about the baby, who was born there on June 30.
The mother’s home was near the bin where the baby was found.
“It is practically a miracle that the baby was found alive inside this underground city bin, due to the high temperatures,” said Ms Dancausa, who confirmed that the baby is now in good health.



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