Moors and Christians returns to Javea

VIBRANT: One of the ‘Moors’ in colourful costume.

SATURDAY saw the return of the pageantry of the Moors and the Christians to Javea.
The event commemorates the days when Javea was under threat from Barbary pirates and was defended by Christian forces.
The event started with the firing of a rocket and the fiesta lights being turned on in the port area. Then the parade started to wind its way around the port, collecting company representatives from their headquarters or ‘kabilas’ if you were a Moor, or ‘cuarteles’ if Christian.
The costumes reflect the different styles of the two sides, but everyone was dressed in a spectacular fashion. Once the two tribes were ready they approached the stage in Avenida Jaume 1 for the opening ceremony.
The evening concluded with singing and dancing long into the night.
This is only the start of the festivities, for the full programme which runs until Sunday July 19, visit


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