ETA-enthusiast in Sevilla will go to prison

Flickr by Carlos Dufour

THE National Court has sentenced a man to one year and a half in prison for praising terrorist group ETA on social platform Twitter.
In the sentences´ text, the judge explains that Francisco Sanchez Lopez, a 21-year-old from Sevilla, wrote messages glorifying ETA which should be considered “hateful speech without a literary, artistic or humorous context”. These kinds of texts are not protected by the freedom of speech laws.
From the Twitter account FranSantxezGudari, the man encouraged the group to commit terrorist attacks and mocked the victims.
“The statements of Jorge Fernandez Diaz (Internal Affairs Minister) are clearly aimed at ETA. He is asking to be shot in the back of the head,” read one of the tweets.
During the trial, the accused alleged that he had never had a Twitter account and that someone must have stolen his identity to create it.
However, this version was not believed by the judge as he had also posted personal pictures on his account.


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