Johnny Depp’s wife faces court over dog smuggling debacle


A CONTROVERSY that saw Johnny Depp’s dogs placed on a death row countdown in Australia has resulted in his wife, actress Amber Heard, summoned to court to face charges.
The couple’s pets, Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo, were allegedly smuggled into the country illegally back in April while Depp filmed the latest of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
When the possible infraction of Australia’s severe animal quarantine laws was reported, authorities there gave Depp and Heard days to remove the dogs from the country or they would be put down, sparking intense media interest and online campaigns to save the celebrity pooches.
TV companies flew helicopters over Depp’s rented pad, hoping to catch some footage of the most-wanted dogs.
And Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce sparked further controversy with some brusque comments on the matter when he suggested in somewhat impolite language that it was time for Pistol and Boo to go back to the United States.
Although the dogs eventually left Australia unharmed, now Heard could face a fine of up to $265,000 (€178,110). Technically the charges could also carry jail time of up to ten years, if she’s found guilty of illegally importing her pets.


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