Protests called against San Fermin attacks

Yon Garin on Flickr

A NINETEEN-year-old woman has reported that she was raped during Pamplona’s San Fermin festivities, Gora Iruñea! Group and the Women against Sexist Violence Platform have stated.
The two groups have called a protest against the alleged attack for 8pm this evening (Tuesday, July 14) at the city’s Plaza del Ayuntamiento and at midnight a number of clubs will switch their music off as a sign of support.
The attack allegedly took place on the night of July 9 in the bathrooms of an establishment in the Navarra city’s historical centre, and has been reported to the police by the victim, the groups explained.
While one attacker forced the young lady into the bathroom, others reportedly kept guard outside and were perfectly aware of what was going on, the groups reported, commending the actions of two of her friends who discovered what was happening and forced their way in to help get her out.
Gora Iruñea and the anti-violence platform reported they had also heard of other sexual attacks during the festivities, which have also been reported to the police.
Both groups expressed their support towards all women who have suffered sexual aggression of any sort during the celebrations and encouraged them to report the attacks to the authorities.
“We’ve been hearing for years that ‘anything goes at the San Fermines’. Well, let them hear us now, at the San Fermines, as at any other festivities, not everything goes. When a woman says ´no´ it’s ´no´, regardless of the circumstances,” the groups declared.


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